Menteri dan Cikgu

We dont expect you to find a full 100 % perfect solutions but comes out with plan first la sebelum keluarkan any statement. We know you all are new but if you put up a stupid statement then it will jeoperdize yourself, your ministry & your party/coalition along the way too.

This is not a new problem. Its been there for ages since BN time. Cikgu cakap tak cukup tapi still keluar this kind of statement. If this kind of statement keluar there's no different with BN & UMNO. Then why we create more place even university to produced teachers kalau tak ada post atau tempat.

The plan shld consider kadar kelahiran dan rancangan masa depan dasar pendidikan negara. It shld be jangka panjang too so you can plan it well. Even shld equip & develop teachers with specific skills or requirements needed for future pupils development.

If you comes out with same statement like BN/UMNO before on similar problem might as well you dont become a minister. Ok I still can accept coz you guys are still new but find a solution first + your plan before you comes out with any statement. We need a minister doing strategic thinking not a postman.

27 Jul 2018


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